Amy Monteith


Kyle Jackson

Wedding Party

Katie Monteith

Maid of Honor

Katie is Amy’s older sister and her go-to person for advice on all things, including fashion and decorating. Over the years they have been on many family trips together, and one of Amy’s greatest memories is a family trip to Madrid, Spain to watch Katie graduate from her MBA at IE Business School. Katie loves to travel, has visited over 25 countries, and has lived in many cities around the world including New York City, Toronto, Ottawa, Madrid, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Amy was thrilled to stand next to Katie as her Maid of Honour when she married her husband Ryan in August 2016.

Samantha Hollands


Amy and Samantha met through Samantha’s university roommate at Wilfrid Laurier – a mutual friend and Amy’s highschool classmate. The turning point in their relationship was when Samantha received free tickets to a Toronto Raptors game and she tried to think of someone she knew that lived in Toronto and actually liked sports, which ultimately led her to Amy. They both share a love of country music and running, completing many races together including the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon.

Katie Tedford


Amy met Katie on the very first day of University when they moved into residence at Brock University and discovered that they would be roommates for the year. Katie’s biggest fear before meeting her new roommate was that she would end up living with a dancer who loved the colour pink. Of course Katie was thrilled when she walked into her new room and saw pink Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling and a pink poster that said “Dance” hanging on the wall through their shared bathroom. It didn’t take long to realize that they were actually a perfect match for each other (despite the pink!), and they have been best friends since that first day in residence. Amy was thrilled to stand beside Katie in her wedding to her husband Scott in July 2016.

Karli Reeve


Karli and Amy met on the very first day of university when they discovered that they were only two rooms apart and were both enrolled in the Sport Management program at Brock University. It didn’t take Karli long to realize that she was in the wrong program after she realized that the program required a true love of and knowledge for sports. There is never a dull moment when Karli is around and there is not a moment that Karli will forget. She has a memory like an elephant and will retell stories with more detail than you could ever remember. Amy was thrilled to travel to Victoria B.C to watch Karli marry her husband Ian in July 2017.

Erin Kresz


Amy met Erin when she started to date Kyle’s Best Man Adrien, and from the first time they met it was an instant connection. They love to spend time together playing games, drinking wine, and going Oktoberfesting. The turning point in their friendship was when they spent the day together in Prince Edward Country tasting ciders and visiting the lavender fields. Erin lives in Cambridge with her Husband Adrien.

Adrien Kresz

Best Man

Kyle and Adrien met in university where they lived in the same residence. They shared a passion for cars, pool, hockey, and snow sports. They lived together for 3 years during university in Waterloo. Post university, skiing and golf games continue to keep them busy, as does their shared passion for scotch. Adrien is a welding engineering in Cambridge. Kyle was thrilled to stand next to Adrien as his best man when he married his wife Erin in November 2017.

Spencer Jackson


Spencer is the youngest brother in the Jackson family. Spencer was a very quiet baby until the age of three when all he wanted to do was tackle the next adventure. Kyle has always had a strong bond with Spencer through skiing, sports, and gaming. Spencer is an adventurous and compassionate individual who owns and operates his own arborist company in the GTA.

Trevor Jackson


Trevor is the middle brother in the Jackson family. The first memory that Kyle has of his childhood is his grandfather holding him in the hospital introducing him to his new baby brother, Trevor. Ever since then they have had a very strong bond and have many shared passions including camping, skiing, music, sports, and games. Trevor is true salesman that will always keep you laughing. He works in the commercial real estate industry.

Brandon Schoonhoven


Kyle met Brandon in grade 9 during a basement band jam session in Richmond Hill, at the house of a mutual friend and Kyle‘s highschool classmate. Brandon was in a band playing bass and Kyle was playing the guitar. Their friendship grew stronger after university and they continue to enjoy BBQs, backyard fires, and darts. Kyle was thrilled to stand with Brandon at his wedding to his wife Candice in July 2014. Brandon owns and operates his own construction company in Stouffville.

Vytas Lenauskas


Kyle met Vytas in the summer of grade 7 in Whistler BC at ARSD alpine ski racing camp. Vytas was always a year ahead and they started to hang out with each other later in highschool. Through university their friendship grew. They lived together in Toronto at Avenue and Lawrence where they shared many BBQs and Pizza Pizza memories. Vytas later pursued his passion for the mountains and has been living in Vancouver BC for the past 3 years as the VP at ShopandShout.

Alex Rust


Kyle and Alex met in the later years of highschool through their mutual friend, Brandon Schoonhoven. The friendship grew when they were both in Brandon’s wedding party and they have enjoyed many cottage weekends, dart competitions, and backyard fires throughout the years. Alex is in real estate development in the GTA.
Lori Wemple